About Us

Husband and Wife Team Working Together Since 2007

Our passion for renovating, remodeling and restoring old homes began in 2007 with the purchase of an old farm in rural Northern Idaho.  Together, we turned a once fallow farm into a homestead by rebuilding the old house, and building a new barn and outbuildings.   

After living in Idaho for 14 years, Carrie was ready to get back home to the Southern Appalachians to her family.  After relocating from rural Northern Idaho to Elizabethton in 2016, with our walker hound and blue heeler mutt in tow, we established 2Mutts Renovations with the goal of carrying on our passion for making what is old, new again.  

Now with over 15 years of experience with just about every aspect of home maintenance and repair, coupled with  Justin's formal education and experience as a licensed home inspector, 2Mutts Renovations is looking forward to working with you to fix what is broken, change what needs changing, and give new life to whatever is possible.  

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